How much of a notice do you need before going out?

For an event where you must wear something more dressy than athleisure wear — how much of a notice do you need to be physically and mentally to prepared?

Before the pandemic where I couldn’t neccesarily be ready at the drop of a hat but i was used to putting on real clothes and could be fine with a two day notice for a brunch with the girlies — three days if it’s a night out on the town.

Now that things are returning with a little sense of normalcy I find myself needing about 5 to 7 days notice. Maybe I’ve lost my touch since I went from going out to at least once a week to… damn near a full year without going out and as of 2021 maybe 2x a month. I also need a nap before. Hair, makeup, outfit. Gotta check for keys, masks, phone, and vaccine card.