vibe ~489~

this bleeps i don't m orp it

Oh i'm definitely worried too! After the bat-bites, Steve was also coughing a lot, conspicuously. "I think some of those specks got in my lungs" or something like that. He's gonna die.

If only I could

I'd make a deal with God

and get him to save our Stevie

We stole cutlery from the Outback, too. Not out finest hour.

And HARD AGREE re Fury Road! Whats the movie that came out in 97 that is better?!

I have two.

The first is “Mad Mad Fury Road” — just because it was a great movie.

The second is “Avatar”, the second time i watched it in theaters, when a friend and i smuggled in Rockhampton Ribeye and cheesy fries from Outback, plus a pint of whiskey. It was disgusting! And very fun.

Ugh the weed bros are the WORST!!!

Oh man, i HATE that dog-breed nonsense too. Everyone gives me the "is that a pomeranian?" and the answer is NO. Didn't realize this was one of my "dont talk to me or my son" issues until you said it!

Didn't even think about the hygiene factor. YUK!

Yup echoing the sentiment here gotta give it to Diana and Rinna.

Most of the time i like the super aggressive ones. The ones that are just like "I'm happy the way I am" are very not Real Housewives brand, imo.

This is really, really smart. A real air-clearing, straight-up conversation ABOUT the debates might be the best way to take the sting out of this whole thing. I really might try this...

oooh this is an excellent choice. what a talent!

Oh wow, that sounds pretty hard. But also you seem to have found a pretty constructive way out of it! Maybe a strategy worth experimenting with...