vibe ~702~

I am excited also. I’m most interested in seeing why at the end of the trailer Luke & Craig were about to come to blows

Nene saying wheww chile the ghetto

Porsha’s underground railroad scene

Nene’s where is your scooter

The Amsterdam scene of Kim clearing the entire table

Nene’s close your legs to married men

Kandi’s I will drag you in this bitch

Kenya’s gone with the wind fabulous

So as a kid who came from a “happy” home I would say that I kinda got where she was coming from. My parents didn’t have full on fights in front of us but they definitely had big disagreements & made sure to resolve them but I think in the end it taught me conflict resolution bc they still didn’t always agree but I saw them agree to disagree come to a solution & move on. I think by her mom avoiding fights probably in a way taught her to do the same. There is no wrong or right way to do it though.

I think between the Nene lawsuit & the speculation from fans of Bravo sweeping problematic behaviors under the rug that they have no choice but to let her go. Ramona is problematic & has been for years.

Hahahaha I didn’t even realize that I put Andrea twice. Not me giving Alex the Bravo treatment of being edited out.

This would be a good cast if they got rid of Leah & replaced her with Kandi. I definitely think this will be a redemption for Porsha. It’ll be interesting to see how Porsha and Candiace get along since Porsha was so team Monique.

I definitely felt uncomfortable and felt like the conversation shouldn’t have been had. 1. Why bring it up & 2. Tamra why are you involving yourself & 3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Teddi told Tamra about the Denise situation.

Definitely Sundays especially because now Married to Medicine is back on.

Omg thank you! The conversation with her mom seemed so staged & its like please offer us more than you complaining about wanting to be married. I honestly think she probably became fulltime bc Madison didn’t want to show her fiancé.

I think most people know that Erika is a horrible person but probably expected more from Kyle. I think Dorit is also not catching enough heat she was sitting right there & laughed , then in her confessionals says she was mortified then with kyle and their husbands she says well it wasn’t my child