vibe ~711~

It's like good but also super cheesy lol It feels like a show really catered for the older person but I enjoyed it. It's very peaceful lol

It's like $65 for the facial and it's 30 minutes! And you can get a membership for $5 a month and then the facials are only $55 each time. I thought the employees were really helpful and was the best facial I've ever gotten!

I'm surprised Sandoval hasn't posted anything. He's always inserting himself into their relationship and he was never a fan of Katie. He definitely contributed to their issues since Schwartz never stood up for himself and never defended Katie!

Same! Rewatching the episodes when they go to that house upstate is traumatic lol

Same!! And my closet is so small I forget what fits vs doesn't so whenever I'm looking for a pair I always end up trying on the ones that don't fit and then I have a mental breakdown. I should just get rid of them lol

I love the Ilia skin serum!! The Milk Hydrogrip primer has been my new obsession, it's so good!

Same with my stomach!! I get bloated like after drinking water. It's such an issue when I'm trying to wear something cute and then I'm like ok this will be uncomfortable later when I'm bloated.

When we moved in together, he noticed how every time I get up in the middle of the night I turn on the lights in the hall and check every room in case someone broke in LOL. I have such a fear of someone breaking into my house I always need to check lol

I feel like they don't provide additional space, they just keep everything organized. I like having them so as I'm on vacation I can just throw the dirty stuff back in the cube vs having it all over the room!

Watermelon!! It feels wrong to eat it any other time besides Summer. Like the big triangles just eating them outside in the sun.....AHHH summer!