How 'Doctor Who' Inspired 'Outlander': A Journey Through Time & Space
Any Outlander fan worth their salt knows that 18th-century, kilt-wearing Scottish Highlander Jamie Fraser can do a lot of things.
Caitlin Gallagher
Comparing Jamie & Brianna’s First Meeting On 'Outlander' — Book Vs. Show
Although there are plenty of heartwarming reunions on Outlander, there's nothing quite like meeting your daughter from 200 years in the future.
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All The Signs Jonathan From 'The Undoing' Was A Sociopath All Along
At his core, Jonathan isn't just a murderer, he's a sociopath, and there are plenty of small details throughout 'The Undoing' that prove it.
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Netflix's 'Tiny Pretty Things' Trailer Is 'PLL' With Dance Breaks
If you thought that Riverdale and the multiple Pretty Little Liars spinoffs were enough to fill the teen murder-sized hole in your heart, do I have news for you.
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All 66 Of 'Riverdale's Musical Performances, Ranked
Even before the start of their annual high school musical episodes in Season 2, Riverdale has always been a musically-minded show.
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This Unanswered ‘Undoing’ Question Might Explain The Whole Series
After 'The Undoing' finale, only one unanswered question really matters: WTF was up with Jonathan's fake medical conference?
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'TV. Watch. Repeat.' Podcast: The History Of ‘Gossip Girl’s Pilot
Within the first minute of the Gossip Girl pilot, it is painfully obvious that Dan Humphrey is up to something.
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Oh No, The New 'Gossip Girl' Proves I'm No Longer Cool
Anyone who has ever lived in New York will tell you there are three things to fear about one's daily existence: 1) Actual death by falling air conditioner and/or scaffold; 2) Death of the soul by falling asleep on the F train and waking up all the…
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Diana Gabaldon Talks Claire's Future On 'Outlander'
When author Diana Gabaldon wouldn't confirm that Claire survives the ninth Outlander book this summer, her cryptic response whipped the fandom into a bit of a frenzy.
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Sam Heughan's 'A Princess For Christmas' Prepared Him For 'Outlander'
Before A Christmas Prince and The Princess Switch, Sam Heughan was a holiday movie trailblazer in the Hallmark Channel movie A Princess for Christmas.
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