'Locke & Key' Season 2 Tweaked The Origin Story Of The Keys From The Comics
In episode eight, Locke & Key Season 2 finally serves up the history lesson fans have been craving since the show began.
Sabienna Bowman
'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Ep. 5 Recap: All Eyes On Clara
Fresh graves are dug and decades-long secrets are dug up in this week’s I Know What You Did Last Summer.
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Aliens Are To Blame For America's Biggest Conspiracy Theories
If Ryan Murphy had his way, American history classes would teach how First Lady Mamie Eisenhower had sex with an alien robot in the White House.
Caitlin Gallagher
6 Burning Questions The 'You'-niverse Still Needs To Answer
The third season of Netflix's You ended in a fiery blaze, with Joe murdering his wife Love, framing her for a whole bunch of crimes (some of which she did), and skipping town to avoid further consequences for his actions.
Kaitlin Reilly
This Is What Happens to Joe's Love Interest In The Third Book In the 'You' Series
Joe Goldberg's love interests rarely survive a relationship with him, yet in the third season of You, his latest girlfriend (girlfriend?
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Sabrina, A Barchie Baby, & The Devil Are Coming To "Rivervale"
Are we even supposed to understand what's happening in Riverdale's five-episode special event at this point?
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19 Reasons Why You Wouldn't Want To Work For The Roys
Waitstaff, door attendants, doctors, and the American president — no one is safe from the Roys on Succession.
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Actor Sebastian Amoruso Breaks Down Johnny's Final Moments In 'IKWYDLS' Reboot
Amazon's I Know What You Did Last Summer proved from the premiere that it was not afraid to kill off some of its most important characters.
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Is It Normal To Always Fall In Love With The Toxic Male Lead?
There's nothing like the blissful escape of living in a fantasy, and when we obsess over a fictional television show and its characters, it oftentimes provides the excitement and the comfort some of us need when, say, we aren’t satisfied with our…
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Did You Catch These Changes To The Season 3 Opening Credits?
The drumbeat followed by the plink of the piano tells any Succession fan that it's on.
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