The Girl from Plainville will send a chill down your spine...even if you already know the story

I binged the first three episodes of the new Hulu limited series The Girl from Plainville, and even though I know how all of the real-life story tragically unfolds, I still watched with a pit in my stomach the entire time.

Elle Fanning plays Michelle Carter, the woman who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for encouraging her boyfriend Conrad Roy III (played by Colton Ryan ) to take his own life through a series of texts and phone calls. It was a disturbing story that caught the attention of the nation, and already made its way into the pop culture sphere with the 2019 HBO documentary I Love You, Now Die.

The show, thus far, is a really nuanced and heartbreaking look at the turn of events that lead to this utter tragedy, with exceptional performances, particularly by Chloë Sevigny, who plays Conrad's grieving mom. I almost feel a little uneasy watching it at times because it feels so intimate, and I think it walks a fine line of not being too rubberneck-y. Hopefully it stays that way for the duration of the show.

Who else has started the series? What are your thoughts?