Is The Chemist On 'American Horror Story' An Alien?

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Is The Chemist On 'American Horror Story' An Alien?

The new season of American Horror Story is all about inspiration — and it comes in the form of a little black pill. But could those little black pills actually be the work of an alien?

In part I of the FX series' new season, titled Double Feature, Harry, a screenwriter, is suffering from a case of writer's block when he and his family decide to spend the winter in Provincetown, an enclave at the tip of Cape Cod. There, he meets fellow creatives Austin and Belle Noir, who encourage him to find inspiration in the town. When Austin introduces him to the black pills that are supposedly the key to unlocking Austin's own creative success, Harry initially rebuffs him — until his agent levels with him about the importance of churning out his latest pilot, lest his career completely implode. Harry takes the pills, and is immediately inspired — if also a little hungry for human blood. Eep.

So who created the pills? According to Austin, it's a local chemist who concocted the magical combo while attempting to find a new way to craft crystal meth. Yet there's reason to believe that this drug was more than just a happy (?) accident.

Angelica Ross will eventually play a character known as "The Chemist," but right now, there's only speculation as to how she'll come into the fold. One reason to suspect that The Chemist is actually an alien? Well, part II of Double Feature will heavily feature aliens, according to the promos for the upcoming back half of the season, and it could be The Chemist that ties part I and part II together. The second reason has to do with how aliens have previously been introduced in American Horror Story.

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