12 Outlander Book Characters Who Never Made It To The Screen

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12 Outlander Book Characters Who Never Made It To The Screen

When you meet as many people as Jamie and Claire do, it can be hard to keep track. And keeping track of people in two different centuries? Forget it! So with all those people in the Frasers' circle, there have been many book characters who were left out of Outlander. The TV adaptation couldn't possibly feature every single person mentioned in Diana Gabaldon's novels. But that doesn't mean these characters didn't deserve their time onscreen.

Sometimes book characters can pop up in the show in an unexpected way. Like Jocasta marrying Duncan Innes even though he hadn't been the Duncan who was by Jamie's side in Voyager and Drums of Autumn. Or Nayawenne, who was the shaman of the Tuscarora tribe, being changed to Adawehi of the Cherokee. (As Gabaldon explained on Twitter, the show changed all of the Tuscarora characters to Cherokee characters.) Or, Graham Menzies, who Claire helped him die by assisted suicide in Voyager, but was changed in Season 5 to be the patient who died from a penicillin allergy in "Perpetual Adoration." (Either way, his character was Claire's impetus for traveling to Scotland where she found Jamie again.) Don't even get me started on the Bugs. And did you catch that Ute McGillivray was in "Between Two Fire"? (Where's the rest of the fam, Ute?!)

But some book characters never get screen treatment. They are just on the page and shall remain that way. Here's a tribute to just 12 of those people.

1. Abbot Alexander Fraser

After Wentworth Prison, Claire and Murtagh took Jamie to the Abbey of Ste. Anne de Beaupré in France to heal, where Jamie's uncle — Alexander Fraser — was the abbot there. He performed the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick on his nephew and later, recommended him to assist Charles Stuart in France since the abbot was a trusted friend of the Bonnie Prince's father — his Majesty "King" James of Scotland, the Old Pretender. The show had Jamie and Claire find safety with Father Anselm at a church in Scotland but left out Abbot Alexander and his Jacobite connections.

2. Reverend Walter Laurent

Another holy man who got the ax was Reverend Walter Laurent. Claire stumbled across this very filthy Huguenot from Switzerland hiding in Louise de La Tour's shed at Fontainebleau in Dragonfly in Amber. He was illegally preaching in the area and having Louise's Protestant servants steal food for him. This reverend knew Master Raymond and gave Claire some insight into her friend's supernatural abilities. He also promised to pray for her since she had just lost Faith and was separated from Jamie after his duel with Black Jack Randall.

3. Ewan Cameron

There was a Donald Cameron (of Lochiel) in Season 2, but Ewan Cameron from Dragonfly in Amber didn't make it to the screen. During the Jacobite rising of 1745, Ewan Cameron was in charge of intelligence operations at the Edinburgh headquarters of Charles Stuart at Holyrood. In Voyager, he pulled a near-death Jamie off the field of Culloden. Ewan was in the farmhouse with Jamie while they awaited to be executed and he was shot two days after the battle. Twenty years later, it's revealed that he had been the lover of the seer Margaret Campbell during the '45. In the books, Margaret's condition is due to her being raped by English soldiers after she went to find Ewan at Culloden. But her brother Reverend Campbell believes that Jamie had been Margaret's lover, so he blames Jamie for his sister's state.

4. Mayer Rothschild

While gearing up to go search for Young Ian in Voyager, a coin dealer from Frankfurt by the name of Mayer visited Jamie and Claire in France. Jamie wanted to consult with him on some rare ancient Greek and Roman coins to see if they matched the ones that were part of the Silkies' Isle treasure. The collector helped them realize that the coins on the Silkies' Isle were connected to the Duke of Sandringham and the Jacobites. Mayer noted that he had no surname because Jewish people in Frankfurt were not allowed to have family names at the time, but that people referred to his family by the red shield on their door — Rothschild. As Gabaldon explained in The Outlandish Companion, this character was inspired by the real founder of the Rothschild banking family, but she made up the description of his age and appearance.

5. Lawrence Stern

Claire encountered the naturalist Lawrence Stern after she jumped off the Porpoise and ended up on Hispaniola in Voyager. It's Lawrence who's to blame for introducing her to the wacky Father Fogden... though, to be fair, she had been talking to a fish when Lawrence found her, so maybe he thought she'd like someone who talked to a coconut. Turns out, Lawrence had met Jamie in Edinburgh earlier where they discussed spiders at Madame Jeanne's brothel. Mr. Stern instead of Yi Tien Cho interrupted Jamie and Claire's turtle soup sex and Lawrence was with them when they went to retrieve Young Ian from Geillis at the cave at Abandawe.

6. Ishmael

In Voyager, the pirates of the Bruja attack the Artemis and in the struggle, Jamie's men capture Ishmael. He was a freed slave that the pirates had enslaved again. Ishmael helped Jamie and Claire figure out that Young Ian was with Mrs. Abernathy at Rose Hall. He was a shaman who previously was enslaved by Geillis as her cook. He would provide "zombie poison" for her to drug her slaves with (there's more on it in the Lord John Grey novella A Plague of Zombies). After Ishmael freely left the Artemis, he showed up again at Rose Hall with Margaret Campbell where he oversaw a drug-induced psychic ceremony.

7. Pollyanne

During their first trip to River Run in Drums of Autumn, Jamie and Claire discovered a dying woman. An enslaved woman named Pollyanne was accused of performing an abortion that killed her. Knowing that Pollyanne would be lynched or beaten to death, Jamie, Claire, Young Ian, and John Quincy Meyers decided the best idea was to help Pollyanne escape and take her to live with the Tuscarora people.

8. Sergeant Murchison

Sergeant Murchison could've been another big baddie of Season 4 like Stephen Bonnet if the show had featured him. Along with his twin brother, Murchison had served at Ardsmuir when Jamie was imprisoned there and they were vicious to the prisoners. In Drums of Autumn, he was the sergeant stationed in N.C., who wanted to blame Pollyanne for murder when he was actually the responsible one. He also was a smuggler with Bonnet, who was there when Brianna went to visit Bonnet in jail. He died in the resulting fire at the Crown's warehouse in Cross Creek. He held a grudge against Jamie and in The Fiery Cross, Jamie revealed that he had killed the sergeant's brother at Ardsmuir and his fellow prisoners Tom Christie and Duncan Innes witnessed it.

9. Betty

Betty was Phaedre's mom, who was enslaved at River Run. She had been raped by Jocasta's husband Hector and became pregnant with Phaedre as a result. Betty was first introduced in Drums of Autumn, but during Jocasta's wedding to Duncan in The Fiery Cross, she was poisoned and later, murdered. They figure that Lieutenant Wolff had killed her after he had unintentionally poisoned her instead of Duncan.

10. Father Kenneth Donahue

Does Outlander have an issue with clergy? Because along with Abbot Alexander and Reverend Laurent, Father Kenneth Donahue didn't make the cut. Aunt Jocasta had the Catholic priest travel from Baltimore to N.C., to perform multiple marriages at the Gathering at Mount Helicon, including her wedding to Duncan Innes and Brianna's to Roger. But because he was not from the Church of England, he got arrested by another character who never made it to the screen, the magistrate Randall Lillywhite. It was all a ploy by Lillywhite to stop Jocasta's wedding to Duncan to help his friend Lieutenant Wolff marry her. But Father Kenneth's visit wasn't a complete waste since Jamie arranged it so he was able to perform covert christenings on the Fraser grandchildren.

11. Tsatsa'wi

The leader of the nearby Cherokee tribe recruited Claire and Jamie to hunt down a "ghost bear" that was terrorizing his community in The Fiery Cross. As he couldn't speak English, he had his white brother-in-law, Peter Bewlie, who was a resident of Fraser's Ridge request that the Bear-Killer and White Raven come help them.

12. Major Donald MacDonald

With a name like that, why wouldn't the show include him? But there's a very good chance that the British soldier who was first introduced at Jocasta's wedding in The Fiery Cross could appear in Season 6 if the show wanted to feature the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge and Jamie as an Indian Agent to the Crown. After all, who else is the Redcoat in the above photo if not Major MacDonald?


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