Make “California Christmastime” A Holiday Classic, You Cowards
OK Mariah Carey acolytes, we all know "All I Want for Christmas Is You" is the holiday song to listen to on repeat as soon as we hit November 1st on the calendar.
Tara Bitran
Jim Carrey Should Leave 'SNL,' But Not For The Reason You Think
Will Jim Carrey be staying on SNL, much like Alec Baldwin before him? It's easy to request that, in the words of Stanley Ipkiss himself, somebody stop him please.
Kate Ward
The 'Friends' Reunion Is Officially Happening... Again
These days, it is that common, it does happen to every show, and it is a big deal.
Kate Ward
It's Happening. 'Emily in Paris' Season 2 Is Happening.
It seems we all owe Netflix a big old merci.
Kate Ward
How 'SNL's Wardrobe Team Made This Moment Happen
At first, it belonged to Melania.
Kate Ward
Retro Recaps: Rachel's 18-Page Letter (Front And Back!)
Welcome to Retro Recaps, where we revisit your favorite old shows and give them the modern recap treatment that they always deserved. Last week, we revisited Buffy The Vampire Slayer's silent episode. This week, it's Friends.
Brian Moylan
In Conversation With The Hilarious (And Open) Kaitlin Olson
Kaitlin Olson once requested the opportunity to run headfirst into a parked car on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Not agreed to, mind you. Asked, said please, could she take a shot at running headfirst into a parked car.
Kimberly Potts
7 Theories About ‘Emily In Paris’ If It's Renewed For A Season 2
Emily is the girl who went to Paris.
Tara Bitran
This Is What It’s Like To Style A Show Like ‘Emily In Paris’
There are a couple of things that jump out about Netflix’s Emily In Paris.
Lauren Caruso
Fact Checking 'Emily In Paris' By a Real-Life American In Paris
When the trailer for Netflix’s new romantic comedy Emily In Paris was released, I, and the rest of the real-life Americans in Paris, bristled.
Carita Rizzo