Is There A 2021 'Bachelor In Paradise'  Reunion? After The Final Rose May Be On Hiatus

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Is There A 2021 'Bachelor In Paradise' Reunion? After The Final Rose May Be On Hiatus

This season of Bachelor in Paradise has been absolute chaos. From Noah's necklaces to Brendan and Pieper's not-so-secret relationship, it's been one mess after another, which is why it's really disappointing that there isn't a BiP Season 7 After the Final Rose special.

There isn't always an ATFR. Just last year, Tayshia and Clare's season of The Bachelorette went without the traditional reunion show (likely due to COVID restrictions, though it was still a glaring omission if you ask me). And the ATFR specials for Bachelor in Paradise were originally called After Paradise, but still, a post-season reunion/reflection is a staple of the franchise. The past few seasons of BiP have had particularly explosive ATFR specials. Who could forget when Kendall and Joe announced they had reconciled in 2018's special, or when Chris and Katie had their incredibly awkward re-engagement and fight in 2019?

Despite all the success of BiP's After The Final Rose, it doesn't look like there will be one this season. It hasn't been advertised at all, which, if you know Bach, is really all the confirmation you need to know it's not happening.

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As for why an ATFR isn't happening this season, that's anybody's guess, though it likely has something to do with the lack of a consistent host. Because Bachelor in Paradise went with a revolving door of celebrity hosts, it's possible ABC just didn't book anyone for an ATFR special. Obviously, fans will point out that Wells is right there, but I digress.

It could also be that the Bachelor franchise is going to start putting less focus on the ATFR. What's the point in producing an entire hour of television when fans can just check in on their favorite couples on Instagram?

Whatever the reason, this season it looks like BiP's three hour season finale Tuesday, Oct. 5, will just end with the engagements they've been teasing all season. And, frankly, that's not good enough.

What A 'BiP' Season 7 'ATFR' Would Have Looked Like

There was so much drama this season, not having an ATFR feels like a huge missed opportunity. The reaction of the cast to that explosive Brendan and Pieper Instagram follower convo alone would be worth an entire hour of television. And what about giving Chris and Alana the chance to defend themselves after being bullied off the beach? Or Ivan's opportunity to explain himself and make things right with his true love, Riley?

Without an After The Final Rose, where will we get our slightly uncomfy, but funny montage of Aaron's most scathing observations and aggressive posturing? Or a romantic fancam of his relationship with James? Will Tia ever get to explain her "listen to your vagina" philosophy? What about a Season 7 gag reel? And what about updates on the couples who get engaged? BiP finished filming at the end of June. It's October now, and we want to know how their relationships have developed. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THE WANT!

I expected better from Paradise. Especially from the first season back after two years. Hopefully this isn't the start of a bigger trend, but rather a small hiccup in a host-less BiP season. Add this to the list of reasons Wells should be made the permanent Bachelor in Paradise host.


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