Is It Weird To Copy Someone's Heartfelt Instagram Caption?

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Is It Weird To Copy Someone's Heartfelt Instagram Caption?

This week was a big week for Nick Viall — and no, he didn't announce yet another appearance on a Bachelor franchise, thank God. The former Bachelor turned 41 years old on Sept. 29, and to celebrate it, his girlfriend, Natalie Joy, gave him the gift of a copied Instagram caption.

In July 2019, Claudia Sulewski posted on Instagram a very heartfelt birthday message to her boyfriend, musician Finneas (who you probably know as Billie Eilish's brother). Three days ago, Natalie posted a near identical message to birthday boy Nick Viall.

Claudia's Instagram Caption, July 2019

Natalie's Instagram Caption, Sept. 2021

Let's just be petty and do some underlining, shall we?

I did Natalie the favor and didn't highlight the similar themes, like "This ___!" compared to "That ___!" or "happy birthday," because I'm not a monster. But "you tear every (single) fairytale to shreds"? I Googled it, that is not a lyric in a song. (And don't try to trick me by adding "single" in there, Natalie.)

There's no possible way that all of these words organically made it into Natalie's caption two years later, so let's work under the assumption that this isn't just a crazy coincidence. The question now is... Is it weird to do this?

Is it weird to copy a very heartfelt message between one couple and copy and paste it as your own? Is it weird to slightly change things like you're copying someone's homework in 7th grade, thinking the teacher wouldn't notice? Is it weird to use the same adjectives, in the same order?

The answer to all of these is yes.

For their part, Finneas and Claudia seemed to think the whole thing was funny. We love to see good sports. Meanwhile, Instagram account @bachelorettewindmill shared a follower spotting on Friday of Nick and Natalie in New York's Grand Banks with the note that there were supposedly tears aboard the S.S. Copy Cat while at dinner.

Maybe next time just say "HBD!"?

Images: Instagram, @nnataliejjoy

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