Ivan's Apology For Sneaking Out To See Alexa Is... A Lot

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Ivan's Apology For Sneaking Out To See Alexa Is... A Lot

I don't know what I'm missing. Everyone is hating on Bachelor in Paradise contestant Ivan for sneaking out to go see Alexa, which I totally get is "against the rules" but, is it really so bad? Whatever happened to all is fair in love and war and a Wells tequila shot?

So yes, Ivan was kicked off the beach for his illicit rendezvous with Alexa, but the way he talked about it, and the way his best friend Riley talked about it, you would've thought that Ivan was booted from paradise for something way worse. Way worse! Ivan's apology would've been appropriate for, say, telling his mother to fuck off. Or stealing the last candy cane from an orphan on Christmas, just because. Those are things you regret for the end of time! But meeting up for some consensual balcony talk behind the camera's backs? We love it!

Not only is it entertaining and there was no harm or foul, but Chelsea wins here, too. Clearly Ivan was just going to use her to stay on the beach until Alexa, who was in the nearby hotel awaiting her call-time, came down to the beach, and now, Chelsea won't be used! Win win.

And Riley, well, Riley really is a heavy feeler. He took Ivan's transgression really hard.

Take a look at what both Ivan and Riley had to say once it was revealed that Ivan snuck out of camp after all the counselors had gone to sleep:

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