Who Is Jesse Palmer As 'The Bachelor' Host For?

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Who Is Jesse Palmer As 'The Bachelor' Host For?

On Tuesday, Sept. 28, when Jesse Palmer was announced as the new Bachelor host, Bach Nation came together to ask one, very important question: but why though? No offense to Jesse, but this man has not appeared on any of Bach Nation's big three — The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise — since he was the Bachelor lead in 2004. There are viewers of The Bachelor who aren't old enough to recognize him, let alone like him enough to be excited by this news. So, why is Jesse Palmer hosting The Bachelor?

Jesse might not have participated in any of the Bachelor franchise proper in the past decade, but he has remained in the Bach orbit. Three years ago, he hosted the Bach spinoff The Proposal. That show was canceled after one season. Most recently, he hosted The Ultimate Surfer, a reality competition show that, despite airing right after Bachelor in Paradise, tanked in the ratings. (Which do you turn off quicker, The Ultimate Surfer or The Celebrity Dating Game?) So, if he's not going to be recognizable to, well, anyone, and his name doesn't ring any bells for Bachelor lovers under the age of 25, then why is he hosting The Bachelor? Who, exactly, is this head-scratcher of a choice for?

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After taking a step back and reflecting on the underwhelming choice, I'm convinced that Jesse Palmer was chosen as Chris Harrison's successor because he's basically the former host in a slightly taller body. He's Harrison's carbon copy, with his non-threatening generic smile and dirty blonde hair. He'll also no doubt appease viewers still upset by Harrison's messy exit.

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