Aaron's Most Bizarre Quotes On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

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Aaron's Most Bizarre Quotes On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

You don't have to like him to admit that Aaron says some wild things on Bachelor in Paradise. The man isn't great on the show, he is actually pretty childish, but damn, if he doesn't know how to blurt out a quote that belongs on a Home Goods pillow, then I'm going to just live, laugh, love my way out of this fandom.

So, in honor of the Christmas hams — if you know... you know — we pulled together some of Aaron's most unique quotes from this season of Paradise, presented without any context whatsoever. (Just as the Gods of Paradise intended.)

  • "Ed’s legs are like Christmas hams. They could feed a whole village of cannibals."
  • "If I were to rearrange his jawline that would be the Lord’s work."
  • "James is my homey-homey."
  • "Thomas is a big body trash can."
  • "I’m not a big fan of Chris right now, and I am a big fan of Jessenia. And Jessenia doesn’t like Alana. So I would say I’m on some gang shit with Jessenia and don’t like Alana either."
  • "Mosquitos wake up every morning and choose violence."
  • "Riley is an attorney and thinks education is important. But he also thinks that biceps are importanter."
  • "Becca standing up there with the rose is like natural habitat. You know, you see a dolphin swimming in the ocean. It’s like something so beautiful about seeing something doing what it’s supposed to do, you know. It was built to do that."

We'll add to this list as the quotes come in. But for the time being, consider changing your bios, your vows, your future script tattoos to any of the lines above and memorialize this clown forever.

Images: ABC

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