Just Make Wells The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Host Already!

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Just Make Wells The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Host Already!

It goes without saying, Wells Adams was a great find on The Bachelorette all those years ago. He may have almost passed away during a firefighting challenge to impress JoJo Fletcher, but he didn't and now he's everyone's favorite part of Modern Family. (And the bar on Paradise.)

So why not just let Wells Adams host The Bachelor — or at least officially host Bachelor in Paradise? We're all thinking it; the sage advice, the inherent knowledge of the franchise, the ability to put himself in the contestants' position. It's way more than Chris Harrison was able to bring to the table.

I feel like these reasons go without saying, but I'll say them anyway in case any of the head honchos at ABC are reading this.

The Guy Is Very Qualified

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Even though it seems that podcasting is the new thing that contestants of Bachelor Nation do post-show, Wells has been hosting for a while. Before appearing on The Bachelorette, he was a radio host in Nashville and even has a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Since then, he has built up quite a resume with several podcasts as well as being an E! News correspondent. The resume is solid.

He's Put In His Time

Wells has now graced our TV's for four glorious seasons as BiP bartender. He has put in the time, made the mimosas, sex on the beaches, and vodka water limes you know they're all ordering and proved himself over and over again — give him the freaking job already.

He's Been There Done That

Before Wells was the bartender, he was on a season of Paradise himself in addition to appearing on JoJo's season of The Bachelorette. He is very familiar with what the contestants are going through and is able to empathize in a way that other hosts won't be able to. (Sorry 'Lil Jon.)

He's A Walking Advice Column

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One of the unofficial jobs of the host of any Bachelor show is listening and giving advice. This is also an unofficial role of a bartender as well. Luckily for everyone involved, Wells is both a host and a bartender and gives great advice.

He's Already Hosting Rose Ceremonies

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Wells is already half way there with hosting the rose ceremonies. This is more than likely because they couldn't pay the guest hosts enough money to stay up til 4 a.m., but still, he's doing a great job.

Cousin Greg Approves

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I mean, if Cousin Greg is taking time out of his busy day to weigh in here, then just give him the damn job.

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