Who Is Katie Running To On 'The Bachelorette'? Or Is It From?

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Who Is Katie Running To On 'The Bachelorette'? Or Is It From?

Sometimes love makes you hide. Or jump hug. Or run. Katie's doing the latter in The Bachelorette preview for Week 7. Katie is running after someone... or — counter proposal — is she running away from them? With the way that the Bachelor Powers That Be cut their previews, who can be sure? But Katie is on the move to (or from) someone tonight and I want to know who that someone is.

The previews have Katie teary in a white crop tee and jeans. "Is he by the elevator?" she asks the producers. In case of a love emergency though, take the stairs, so she runs down them. She sees a black SUV drive away (one thing I'm certain of is the SUV is a Hyundai) while she can be heard saying, "I want you here."

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Even though Chris Harrison blessedly isn't around to say it anymore, could this be the most dramatic part of Week 7? Well, that may depend on which guy she's going after.

This particular preview from Twitter is working overtime to make it seem like Katie is pursuing Blake. She appears to be reading a note and claims, "It felt like a breakup." But even if the preview is accurately depicting that Blake can't commit to saying he's falling in love yet, would a contestant who entered the game so late really be peacing out of his own accord? Wait, let me rephrase that, would once-twice-three-times-a-lady Blake really be peacing out of his own accord? I think not.

Thanks to the other previews that have hinted at this moment (here and here), it looks like Katie might be running after Andrew S., the last Andrew standing. (Other Andrew, we hardly knew thee.) In those clips where Katie's running in a white crop tee, the previews show her exclaiming, "Andrew!" and (what else?) jump hugging him. Cue Journey's (or Mariah Carey's!), "Open Arms."

Andrew — once the sole voice of reason — making the Bachelorette run all about the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa doesn't seem very characteristic of him. But like I said at the opening, love can make you do crazy, cardio-based things. Or, maybe, this is all just false advertising, and that note she was reading in the Blake-centric preview was actually a love letter from Andrew S. and that's why she's so dramatically running toward him. That doesn't explain why she's seeing an SUV driving away... are Andrew and his fake British accent running away back to Austria even after that jump hug? Or, another idea is none of these moments are the same, since I'm sure Katie packed more than one white crop tee with her.

At some point, Katie might also be running after or away from Greg, if previews of him pacing the Tamaya Resort & Spa and the messy rumors are to be believed. But that seems another jog for another day. As for the other guys left, well... unless she's running away from Brendan because she doesn't know how this stranger is still in the house, I'm sticking with Andrew S.


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