The Blake Timeline On 'The Bachelorette' Is Very Questionable Indeed

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The Blake Timeline On 'The Bachelorette' Is Very Questionable Indeed

Blake Moynes might not have found love with Clare Crawley or Tayshia Adams, but he's ready to give love with a Bachelorette another shot with Katie Thurston. His long-awaited arrival will come in Week 4. Yet, just like the decision to crash a season midway through, Blake's Bachelorette timeline is a bit suspect. But this time, it's not his fault! Based on the previews, intel from Nick Viall, and repeat outfits, it looks like production altered when Blake actually arrived on Katie's season. Let's investigate.

Here at The Dipp, we keep track of Bachelor Nation's outfits. So when the clip of Tayshia Adams telling Katie that "someone from [her] past" wanted to come on the season in Week 4, it was hard not to notice Katie was wearing the same jeans, silver earrings, and white sweater with holes that she wore on the group date hosted by Nick Viall in Week 3. While contestants are known to rewear or share outfits (there's only so much you can fit into a suitcase!), the lead doesn't need to stoop to such pauper fashion moves. So by all appearances, it seemed that the Blake moment with Tayshia was filmed the same day as the group date with Nick.

The YouTube channel Bachelor Fantake also spotted this little snafu and pointed out that Nick had said on his podcast Viall Files that he had talked with Katie about Blake when he appeared on the show. The first time Nick spoke with Katie, he said, "She had mentioned that Blake had shown up. ... She must have had some conversation with him, maybe not."

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