Is Katie Just Over These 'Bachelorette' Men Completely?

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Is Katie Just Over These 'Bachelorette' Men Completely?

Did you see Katie storm into the bloodbath, I mean, rose ceremony last night? The Bachelorette lead always has a strong walk (truly not knocking it, I have been told many a time that I have elephant feet and that I wiggle when I walk), but in Monday night's episode she came into that rose ceremony, guns a-blazing. And alas, I do not know what happened to make Katie so mad? We know she was hot off a conversation with Hunter in which she confronted him about what the other men were saying... but there's no way Katie is that upset about Hunter, right?

Let's first revisit the scene in question:

KATIE – 30, brown hair, tan lines, wearing a black dress – enters the room where her Bachelorette suitors wait. HUNTER – 34, wearing a white tux jacket for some reason – has previously joined his fellow contestants.

Katie: I just really needed clarity coming into this, and I am at a point where I am just so ready to move forward and really start to fall in love. I don't have time to allow anyone to play catch-up. I don't have time for the drama. I'm just ready to find my person... Blake.


I want to give Katie the benefit of the doubt here. As someone who has read many Bachelor tell-all books, binged Unreal, and has some experience in film and editing, I am aware of how producers can be spin doctors. They can do amazing, magical, and sometimes diabolical, things in the editing bay. This season in particular has been a clusterfuck of editing errors (please refer here for just one example). So given all the above and the quick change in tone from talking to Hunter to addressing the men, I have to wonder if something cut out. Did I look down at my phone at the exact moment that a huge bomb was dropped? Or is Katie just truly that mad at these men for being so dramatic?

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