Did Katie Just Confirm This Theory About Greg On 'The Bachelorette'?

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Did Katie Just Confirm This Theory About Greg On 'The Bachelorette'?

Welp, Greg, it was nice while it lasted. We'll always treasure the macaroni necklace, the bonding over lost loved ones, and the awkward first cocktail party chat, but it seems your days are numbered. This week, Katie reportedly liked an Instagram post questioning his ~ intentions ~ and the end is clear: Greg's not getting Katie's final rose, and he might not be here for the right reasons.

Floppy-haired Greg's motives have been questioned recently, from reports of him being an aspiring actor to a particularly eyebrow-raising Deux Moi post of an anonymous source claiming he was a "manipulative liar." (The later has not been verified.) On the show, Greg has been nothing but puppy dog adorable, but that hasn't stopped everyone and their cats from questioning whether he's really there for the right reasons. And, uh, it looks like Katie herself might be wondering the same thing.

On Tuesday, June 22, after Episode 3 aired, Chatty Broads, a podcast co-hosted by Bach alum Bekah Martinez, posted a meme playing on the idea that Greg is "hiding [his] acting career aspirations" while Thomas is getting called out for wanting to be the next Bachelor. Just some harmless fun, right? WRONG. According to multiple fan sites, Katie apparently liked the post, before unliking it sometime later. But was it really a shady dig at an ex, or was the Instagram like celebrating Greg's meme-worthy reaction shot?

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