Meet The Potential Contestants On Katie's 'Bachelorette' Season

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Meet The Potential Contestants On Katie's 'Bachelorette' Season

Katie Thurston was just announced as the new Bachelorette on Monday, March 15, but her season is already starting. On Thursday, March 18, ABC released Katie's Bachelorette contestants, teasing just a photo and a tiny bit of info about each potential match.

As fans know, The Bachelor and Bachelorette have been releasing a long list of potential suitors prior to their official cast announcements for the past few seasons. This year, ABC teased a whopping 34 men who might be involved in Katie's Bachelorette season. And while not everyone on the list will make it to that first rose ceremony, that doesn't mean we can't speculate as to who will meet Katie's standards, and who will be sent home night one. Let's dive in.

Aaron, 26

Image: ABC

From Walnut, Calif.

Aaron has fans screaming "Dale look-alike" already.

Andrew M, 31

Image: ABC

From Walnut Creek, Calif.

According to Reality Steve, Andrew M. has a private Instagram account with a Bruce Lee quote in the bio: "Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own."

Andrew S., 26

Image: ABC

From Waukegan, Ill.

Fun fact: Andrew is reportedly Clay Harbor's cousin. Given Clay's dramatic Bachelor in Paradise ending, hopefully this means he knows what he's in for when it comes to his Bachelorette journey.

Austin, 25

Image: ABC

From Mission Viejo, Calif.

Not much is known about Austin other than the fact that he apparently wears a chain and has a killer smile. So far, so good.

Bao, 36

Image: ABC

From Concord, N.H.

Already a fan favorite — seriously, fans on Facebook are already calling on him to be the next BachelorBao is a real estate agent from currently based in San Diego, per Reality Steve.

Brandon, 26

Image: ABC

From Mokena, Ill.

After doing a bit of Instagram stalking and calculated Googling, it looks like Brandon Torres works for Toyota. From his Instagram profile, it seems that he lived in Japan for some time, something confirmed on the LinkedIn page that appears to belong to him. Per LinkedIn, he studied in Japan in college and graduated from Northwestern University.

Brendan, 26

Image: ABC

From Toronto, Canada

Per Reality Steve, Brendan is a part-time model who works at Scotiabank.

Christian, 26

Image: ABC

From Newburyport, Mass.

According to a private Instagram account found by Reality Steve, Christian is an "uncertified life coach" and real estate agent.

Cody, 27

Image: ABC

From Montclair, NJ.

Don't let the blue suit fool you, according to photos posted by Reality Steve, Cody's a real gym rat with a tattoo sleeve.

Connor B. 29

Image: ABC

From Columbia, Ill.

Connor B. is a musician, and you can actually listen to a few of his songs on Spotify.

Conor C., 28

Image: ABC

From Edmond, Okla.

Per Reality Steve, Conor is an Account Manager for Apex Systems and played baseball in college.

David, 27

Image: ABC

From New York, N.Y.

David is a technical product specialist for Dell, according to Reality Steve, which is definitely promising. Who doesn't want a man who can fix a computer?

Dennis, 26

Image: ABC

From Chicago, Ill.

Per Reality Steve, Dennis is a police officer from Chicago.

Gabriel, 35

Image: ABC

From Charlotte, N.C.

The only thing we know about Garbiel is that he appears to have competed on Bravo's Make Me A Supermodel in 2009. Someone please find that footage, STAT.

Garrett, 29

Image: ABC

From Salinas, Calif.

Nothing much has been reported about Garrett, but if he makes it to the cocktail party on Night 1, something tells me he and Katie might hit it off.

Greg, 27

Image: ABC

From Edison, N.J.

Again, nothing much to report about Greg so far, but he looks like a nice guy, I guess!

Hunter, 34

Image: ABC

From San Angelo, Texas.

According to Reality Steve, Hunter is a divorced father of two who describes himself as a "mental health warrior" on Tik Tok. I'm getting good vibes from him and his brightly colored tattoos.

James, 30

Image: ABC

From New York, N.Y.

Not much is known about James, but he looks like a Ken doll, so, there's that.

Jeff, 31

Image: ABC

From Cranford, N.J.

Jeff is reportedly a sales rep for Integra LifeSciences and a former pole vaulter in college. So, he can probably do that pick-up hug combo those Bachelorette contestants love to do.

John, 27

Image: ABC

From Santa Cruz, Calif.

Per Reality Steve, John is a pilot in training — hence, the plane in the background of his photo. Let's hope this won't turn into a Peter Weber situation.

Joshua, 25

Image: ABC

From Pembroke Pines, Fla.

Per Reality Steve, Joshua is a sales consultant and a University of Florida alum.

Justin, 26

Image: ABC

From Ellicott City, Md.

Justin is reportedly another sales consultant, but he's also an artist who has some original painting on his Instagram.

Karl, 33

Image: ABC

From Miami, Fla.

Karl is a motivational speaker who founded his own company, Next Level Success. He was reportedly originally cast on Clare's Bachelorette season last year.

Kyle, 26

Image: ABC

From Sarasota, Fla.

Per Reality Steve, Kyle is another University of Florida alum. Question: is the University of Florida a Bachelor factory? Also, do all of these guys know each other, because that would be good television.

Landon, 25

Image: ABC

From Bakersfield, Calif.

Landon is reportedly a former college basketball player who now works as a high school basketball coach and trainer. Sounds like a nice, regular guy, which is definitely good for Katie.

Marcus, 30

Image: ABC

From Vancouver, Wash.

Marcus is a real estate agent who, per his Facebook photos as found by Reality Steve, definitely also likes to take care of himself physically. (His arm muscles look particularly sculpted.) And those dimples sure don't hurt.

Marty, 25

Image: ABC

From Reno, Nev.

Per Reality Steve, Marty is a model. And, based on his pic, he sure knows how to accessorize.

Michael A., 36

Image: ABC

From Akron, Ohio.

Michael is a single dad whose wife died in 2019. He started a company in her honor, L4.

Mike P., 31

Image: ABC

From Surprise, Ariz.

Per Reality Steve, Mike is a personal trailer who loves America — seriously, he has an American flag in his weight room. His LinkedIn profile also says he's a "former college athlete who is highly competitive and refuses to lose." I'm gonna call it: that's a no for me.

Quartney, 26

Image: ABC

From Arlington, Texas.

According to Reality Steve, Quartney is a medical sales rep who graduated with a biology degree. We love a man who respects science.

Tanner, 28

Image: ABC

From Del Mar, Calif.

According to Reality Steve, Tanner is the founder of Dyeislife, a company that, as far as I can tell from Instagram, is basically a professional college party company. They sell something called "Beer Die," a sort of twist on Beer Pong that involves dice, but not social distancing (if the photos are any indication.) Gonna go ahead and call this one: NEXT.

Thomas, 28

Image: ABC

From San Diego, Calif.

Thomas is reportedly a real estate agent and former college basketball player.

Tré, 26

Image: ABC

From Covington, Ga.

There's not much out there about Tré, but based on this photo alone I'm hoping he makes it through the first rose ceremony. I'm here for this purple floral shirt.

Viktor, 32

Image: ABC

From Galveston, Texas.

According to his Instagram, Viktor is another real estate guy who is also a self-described "disaster relief volunteer." I expect some A+ cocktail party stories.

And, that's all we know so far. Now, it's in the hands of the fans, who have hopefully already started their expert internet sleuthing to weed out any undesirables. But, for now, based on only these photos and fun facts, my money's on Bao, Marcus, Justin, Jeff, Hunter, Garrett, David, Brandon, and Conor C.

Katie's Bachelorette season is expected to premiere sometime this summer.

Image: ABC/Craig Sjodin

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