Gabby and Rachel's Contestants Were Released!

The Bachelorette' Facebook page has the 32 guys that are going to be on Gabby and Rachel's season and I have thoughts:

1. Let's circle back to how is this going to work? Are they going to be dating the same guys? Are the guys going to split into two groups? Like, I need to know stat.

2. Just clicking, through a lot of them are very attractive- and usually those first pictures are 💩 so I'm into it.

3. Calling it now: Corbin for Rachel, Mario for Gabby, and Termayne for me 😉.

4. Look-a-likes: Zach S looks like Alex W from JoJo's season, Hayden M. may actually be Grocery Store Joe.

5. Jason A is giving me villian vibes...but I'm into a bad boy.

6. Joey Y and Justin Y are twins! NOT AGAIN!

I NEED to know your thoughts!