vibe ~164~

The only two I would switch are Dorit and Rinna. Other than that, 100%

I just hate the fox force or whatever they call themselves. I like *most* of them individually, but they definitely have the numbers advantage at controlling the narrative. I like that we finally have some other cast members that will check them! It's a nice change of pace.

I also think she is OVER compensating going hard for Ciara because she was criticized for NOT going hard for Hannah last season. I remember listening to the Giggly Squad on Call Her Daddy and Alex realllllly went in on Paige for not sticking up for Hannah. It was v uncomfy to listen to. I thought Paige was going to cry lol.

I personally am hyped for it and loved the trailer, but I honestly think it's just because we haven't seen them in SO LONG (besides the boys). The last time we saw Madison, was the whole Arod debacle! I just miss them so much <3

That and Tik Tokkers. Addison Rae, Charli and Dixie, who are they? What do they do?

Kim definitely has a point, but I just can't remember Kanye ever saying anything bad about Kim in a song. Of course we all know Pete is a different story... lol

And their promos look INCREDIBLE!

THIS!!!!!!!! Was my exact thoughts. Oh really, Paige is so concerned for Lindsay?? Sure seems like it.

I'm team Lindsay and Danielle. You cannot claim those two are "unapproachable and cliquey" and the next second expect them to know the intimate details about your feelings for someone you haven't REALLY been dating or even talking to since a winter vacation.