What is the appeal of Austen?

I haven't exactly picked winners all my life but one things I really don't understand is why really attractive and accomplished women want to date Austen Kroll. He is arrogant, sloppy, and enjoys leading women on. As we saw last night on "Summer House", Austen came to the house for Lindsay's birthday and tensions between Lindsay and Ciara began before he even made it down the driveway.

Why are these two hot ladies fighting over this bafoon? He is completely playing both of them, and is going to drop a drama bomb then go back on his merry way to Charleston. Within 24 hours of each other Austen told Ciara he wanted to "eat her from front to back" and then made out with Lindsay at her party, so charming. We know that's not going to end well since we saw in the previews for the season that this fight escalates pretty quickly and even involves Ciara throwing wine. THIS IS ALL OVER AUSTEN KROLL. I truly do not get it. Can someone explain this appeal to me or all we all not into him?