vibe ~71~

Agreed. Khloe needs to give French Montana another chance. He seemed to be crazy about her. And their children would be beautiful!

I hope she stays single for a bit, brings us on her dates, and gets laid enough to make up for the drought she was in.

Maybe she’ll have a redemption season this go round. Become the Supreme.

I have sympathy for Khloe to the extent she feels pressured to have a 2nd child with the same man and to the extent she feels she deserves this BS.

My sympathy lessens because she has clear evidence that Tristan’s a POS. Quit with the mad/surprised narrative or be honest that you care more that your child has full-blooded siblings than your own dignity.

The one I have the most sympathy for us True - who is watching her mom be manipulated and betrayed by her father.

I’d get reaaaalllll quiet and threaten Erika within an inch of her life

Omg. I am ~uncomfortable~

After allllll these seasons

Right off the bat, Kyle questioning Sutton’s miscarriages 🥴

Agreed. Super lame that Austen decided to hurt Naomie because he’s mad at Craig.

I listened to a BravobyBetches podcast interview with Craig and Shep. One of them made a comment that they “never know what the girls are arguing about.” THEIR ISSUES WITH EACH OTHER. Unlike y’all, the men, who just pussyfoot around and gossip to get back at each other. 🙄

Maybe not 🤷🏼‍♀️. I was talking more about Sutton beginning with she was “very sorry.” She wasn’t sorry in the least - she was trying to call Diana out.

Neither one were right or wrong. I feel both were humans reacting in a situation. Sutton’s behavior hit a nerve for me is all.

Sutton has pulled off a fantastic twist that she’s the victim of Diana. She questioned Diana’s bedrest!!! She wasn’t saying she was “very sorry”!!!!

Wonder if Garcelle’s opinion will change now that she’s seen the episode?