vibe ~201~

The Audi commercial with Rege-Jean Page and I’d be sitting on his lap while he drives

Exactly the same

I miss Amy Pohler and Tina Fey!

Jill is WAY too thirsty for the job so she will probably be called last and settle for the smallest salary since they know she'd do anything to be back. I honestly wish Alex would come back instead of her. We didn't know how great she was until she was gone!

Steve Madden! They always have some great promo codes/sales going on.

Exactly! I love him and am happy for his sobriety but he has nothing going on this season except a kiss with Ciara.

I think they're really dating but push it down our throats for the show/so Carl can have a storyline/attention. I used to think they were cute in the beginning but the constant gushing about each other on social media is getting to be a little much.

I'm going to say no and only because it's about to be May and you won't wear it for months