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More tea from Pillows & Beer live-show!

OK I told you guys two weeks ago that I went to the Pillows and Beers Live Show with Austen Kroll and Craig Conover in NYC on April 1. I wrote in my post that they mentioned that two other Bravolebs were going to join Winter House, and we all sort of assumed it was the Toms from Vanderpump, which seems more and more likely as more rumors are leaked.

But I wanted to tell you a little MORE about the show, in case you're interested!!


-- I had bought nose bleed seats, but when we went to sit in them, the usher bumped us to second row center, like 5 feet from the stage. Obviously, they wanted to fill the expensive front seats that no one had bought 😂

-- Austen’s sister Katie was in the audience, and shotgunned a beer on stage with them at the end. 

-- Same with Jason from Winter House ❄️

-- Big cheers for Paige every time Craig said her name. She's got fans!!

-- Craig said, “Obviously I was hooked on Aderall because it’s awesome!” He said it was his “happy pill” lololol

-- There was SO much chatter from the audience during the show. It felt like no one was really paying attention! It was almost as if we were at a bar and they just happened to be on stage; the crowd was noisy y'all

-- And to be fair, the audience wasn’t paying attention because the show was BORING. There was little structure to the show, and one of the things Craig and Austen discussed was, “Which Christmas movie do you like better, The Holiday or Love Actually?” It’s like they googled “what topics do millennial women like to talk about” and made slides around them. Their topics for discussion ranged from Disney to Harry Potter... very random and pandering the audience...

-- … but no one in the audience could be bothered to listen lol

-- The vibe of the show was definitley Blackout. Craig and Austen drank a TON on stage, and the audience drank a lot, too. The whole venue smelled like hot wine breath.


-- Craig is pretty funny on the fly, and definitely carried the show. Austen was a mess and really didn’t have much to say — he’d just kind of riff on what Craig said. Austen rarely moved the conversation forward. 

-- Craig was way more charming/funny/smart on stage than I thought he’d be. He did seem to understand that he was there to give something to the audience. Austen just seemed to be there to get drunk

-- They both said that they won high school drama kings. That tracks!

-- As far as the Austen/Lindsay/Ciara thing, Austen said that he thought he was doing Hot Boy Summer when he went to Summer House. Crowd chanted “bull shit!” when he said it, it was awesome.

-- Someone yelled at Austen, “everybody hates you!” Everyone laughed, incld. Austen. But overall, it was a welcoming, very drunk crowd just there to party.


-- Sure???? I mean, I haven't left the house in years it feels due to C*vid so it was a thrill just to be in a theater.

-- The show itself was not entertaining at all, but it WAS entertaining to see how Craig and Austen are. Like I said, I was really surprised by Craig. Austen was a lost child up there just looking to drink. I mean, at one point he left the stage to go pee.

- Buy the cheap seats. Seems like you might get bumped to fill the expensive seats, like we did!

- It was fun to be around a lot of women who you know you could just talk Summer House/Southern Charm with, no sweat. It was a fun sense of community in that way.

Any questions, happy to answer!

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