All Of The Dropped Storylines Of 'And Just Like That'

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All Of The Dropped Storylines Of 'And Just Like That'

Although I've done my fair share of complaining on this very website about And Just Like That through its 10-episode run, I must confess, I still liked this return of Sex and the City. But that doesn't mean I can overlook all of the dropped storylines in And Just Like That, even if it was good to have Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda back with all their flaws.

I got teary during the And Just Like That finale with Carrie returning to Paris with Big's ashes, making amends with Samantha (via text, of course), revealing that her podcast is called Sex and the City, and finding someone who makes her passionate enough to make out in an elevator, HR be damned! But with all of this reconciliation, there were still plenty of plot holes.

I'm not talking about Fendi bags brought back from the dead, apartments growing in size, missing promised cameos, or actors playing two parts. I won't even wonder why Big left Natasha a million dollars since clearly, that went to the grave with him. But can anyone explain what happened to these storylines that just got completely ignored in the end? Sure, I could look to the writers' room podcast for answers, but what's the fun in that?

Carrie's Fashion Instagram

Carrie said in the first four minutes of And Just Like That that she had an Instagram where she posted "strangers who have interesting style" that was "kind of growing into a thing" since the podcast. But then it was never mentioned again. Maybe she gave up on the 'gram after Big's death, but the show sure didn't provide that explanation.

Susan Sharon's Grudge

I guess the world will never know why Susan Sharon was mad at Carrie. At least this one's funny, on-character, and (perhaps most importantly) intentional.

Miranda's Drinking

Miranda's drinking problem didn't come to a head with the fingering heard 'round the world, but rather the revelation that her blacked-out self had bought How To Quit Like A Woman. But after drinking non-alcoholic wine the next episode, her struggles with alcohol dependency weren't brought up again. I guess Che cured her.

Stanford's Disappearance

I won't belabor the point since Willie Garson's death had to be hard for the Sex and the City team. But writing him off by having Stanford leave a note for Carrie that he went to Japan with his 17-year-old client was unacceptable.

LTW's Beef With Her Mother-In-Law

One of the main features of Lisa Todd-Wexley when she was introduced was that she had a contentious relationship with her mother-in-law. This tension allowed Charlotte to defend her new pal at Herbert's birthday dinner, so I guess that's the only reason it was brought up. But it kind of seemed like it was going somewhere else

Jackie's Affair With Chloe

X, Y, and Me cohost Jackie and social media manager Chloe were really heated about their sexual past and his dirty towels in Episode 4. But in Episode 8, he has a serious girlfriend and he marries Smoke in the finale. So why exactly was he still so upset about Chloe ghosting him?

Harry's Colonoscopy

After Charlotte kept canceling his appointment for social engagements, did the poor man ever check on his colon health?

Brady's Fucking

Was the amount of sex Brady Hobbes was having with his girlfriend Luisa just to shine a light on the lack of sex in Miranda and Steve's marriage now? Couldn't we have gotten that point across some other way and have been spared the used condoms on the floor, the makeout session at a child's music concert, the teenage sex scene right after Big died, and the lube delivery?

Miranda's Steve Forgetfulness

"No Strings Attached" gave some closure to the Steve storyline (even if that "closure" is that Steve will never ever ever get over Miranda... poor guy!). But that doesn't explain how Miranda just flat-out forgot that when Steve cheated on her, she was super-duper pissed. Also, there was never any acknowledgment about how Brady felt about his parents' marriage dissolving, which, even though he's a degenerate, I'm sure he had some feelings about. But don't worry, Miranda was sure to check her son's feelings on her newly-dyed red hair.

Anthony & Carrie's Plastic Surgery Consultation

I'm not complaining since I support anytime Jonathan Groff is on my TV, but this was a significant segment that didn't really go anywhere. But, sure, you could argue the entire point of Anthony going in for a plastic surgery consultation was for Carrie to confirm she doesn't want to go back in time. (Even if the image they used for her projected plastic surgery was clearly from the 2000s.)

Carrie's New Neighbor

Did Lisette exist solely to make Carrie realize she isn't cool anymore? But then, also prove that Carrie the ma'am is still kind of cool? Or maybe Lisette and her shitty boyfriend were only introduced to show off a dick that wasn't Harry's.

Miranda's Rom-Com In Cleveland

Miranda ended "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" by proclaiming she was flying to Cleveland to surprise Che and tell them they could be together. But then, that very large leap in Miranda's life was never spoken of again? If I'm being generous, I could say the writers were using this to establish Miranda giving up her internship and moving to Los Angeles for Che. But then why was Miranda complaining about being Meg Ryan the very next episode after the Cleveland incident, hm?

Carrie's Book

Carrie spent the intro of "Sex and the Widow" writing a whole damn book, which was what led her to go on a date with the teacher. Despite the chaos of the And Just Like That calendar, I feel confident that it isn't Christmas yet. (Though Big did not die on the 9th by my count, Miranda!) But you'd still think the topic of Carrie's forthcoming book would have been brought up again in the end.

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