The Club Owner On 'And Just Like That' Should Look Familiar To OG 'SATC' & 'Emily In Paris' Fans

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The Club Owner On 'And Just Like That' Should Look Familiar To OG 'SATC' & 'Emily In Paris' Fans

Seems like Tony the Prada employee has moved up in the world. Because William Abadie in Sex and the City is now playing the business owner Zed on And Just Like That. Like many actors who have done double duty on Sex and the City before him, Carrie's Prada salesperson (and Charlotte's one-time theater date) from Season 6 is a potential love interest for Seema on And Just Like That.

Abadie might be getting attention for his role as Antoine Lambert in Emily in Paris. But one of his first TV roles was in a different Darren Star show — Sex and the City. In Season 6, Episode 5's "Lights, Camera, Relationship," he played Tony, the Prada salesperson who knew Carrie by name. On this particular shopping trip, Tony tried to pressure Jack Berger into buying his first Prada, stating how his split from his girlfriend Claudia was tragic but, "Only thing more tragic is Jack Berger not having Prada."

Now, I'm not saying that Tony was responsible for Berger breaking up with Carrie via a Post-it note, but he played a part in it since Berger had a bit of a breakdown when Carrie bought the red Prada shirt for him. But hey, Tony was just trying to make a sale! You can't blame him for Berger's toxic insecurity.

Tony's not a one-and-done guest in the episode either since Carrie tries to set him up with Charlotte, who Harry recently broke up with. Charlotte and Tony sit together at the opening night of Smith Jerrod's Brooklyn play and admire Smith's on-display assets. (The French actor also confoundedly greets Charlotte in Italian... guess he's always working to promote the Prada brand.)

But in And Just Like That, Abadie is a new man. Blaring club music in his sports car, a sunglass-wearing Zed rolls up as a vaguely international man who asks Seema, "What is all this mess doing on my street?" Zed owns the hottest club in Brooklyn, Z. And the kindred cigarette smokers hit it off since, at the end of the episode, Zed lets the boss-looking Seema and Carrie into his Greenpoint club.

Sex and the City makes a habit of recycling actors. And just like Seema's dad, And Just Like That is pretending that Seema's new love interest once didn't have a flirtation with one of the OG SATC women. But hey, the impossibly cool Seema deserves an impossibly cool man to date. And if Justin Theroux can play two different characters, so can Abadie.

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