Did Miranda & Che's Cleveland Surprise Just... Not Happen?

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Did Miranda & Che's Cleveland Surprise Just... Not Happen?

Last we left off with Miranda in And Just Like That... she told Steve that she wanted a divorce and was in a cab on her way to the airport to surprise Che at their Cleveland show to tell them that she wants to be with them. It felt like that scene in Titanic when the guy screams "Iceberg, right ahead!"

I had anticipated this going very, very badly. And naturally, I assumed we would get to see how this catastrophic surprise played out in Episode 9. But no, the episode opens with Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte having a casual lunch. OK, so maybe the ladies are going to discuss how Cleveland went? Nope. They're not. They talk about volunteering at a women's shelter and menopause. No one even makes the very obvious Hot in Cleveland joke! For shame!

And still, I figured that Cleveland was going to be mentioned at some point... but again, I would be wrong. Because when we see Che and Miranda, they are on a dinner date "having fun" with no mention of Cleveland at all. What am I missing here? Even when two fans come up to Che and starting to babble on about their friends that Che had hooked up with (which I'm pretty sure no one would do IRL, but whatever) Miranda doesn't flinch. The only flinch we see is when Che hears Miranda call herself Che's "girlfriend," which would have been a great conversation to see.

So again, what happened in Cleveland?

Even more alarming is Che's reaction to Miranda surprising them at their apartment. If this is their reaction in Brooklyn (we're assuming they live in Brooklyn), how do we think Cleveland went? One would think not well. Also I would also note that Miranda says, "Oh my God. Someone's here. You're not alone. Of course you're not alone...". Had they not talked about this in Cleveland? What happened in Cleveland, you guys? If someone could fill in the blanks for me that would be greatly appreciated.

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