Brady Hobbes Is Disgusting

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Brady Hobbes Is Disgusting

Miranda Hobbes has had her fair share of embarrassing moments on Sex and the City. Like when Aidan had to rescue her after her neck went out in her bathroom and she laid naked on the floor. Or when she had caviar all up in her braces on a date. Or the whole sandwich "eat me" subplot. But the most embarrassing thing to happen to Miranda Hobbes is the existence of her son Brady in And Just Like That....

Brady, born in (or around) the year 2002 comes from two very likable parents. Steve, despite cheating on Miranda in the first Sex and the City movie, has always been one of the "better" people on the show, portrayed as a hard-working, humble, eager-to-love bar owner. And with 15 years of "Which Sex and the City Character Are You?" quizzes behind us, a lot of viewers of the original series are now finding themselves hoping they'll get Miranda as an end result — the independent, career-focused, sharp-tongued lawyer.

And somehow, these two people had and raised this.

There are a lot of things that are insanely unfavorable about Brady, a teenager who I will promptly rip apart in a series of bullet points right now:

  • He leaves used condoms on his bedroom floor
  • He has very loud sex while sharing a wall with his parents
  • He publicly makes out with his girlfriend Louisa at a children's piano recital
  • He's essentially moved his girlfriend into the Hobbes/Brady residence
  • He's got toxic male energy
  • He's definitely an entitled brat
  • Louisa sucks too (the whole milk line was below the belt)

I don't mean to sex shame Brady — and knowing him he'd scream I was doing just that (like he did to Miranda) — but y'know what? Sometimes you need to be shamed a little. Great, practice safe sex and learn to love your body and share it with your partner. But maybe like, rearrange your bedroom furniture? Or don't scream so loud during sex that your parents are along for the ride? And for the love of God, don't make your bedroom a minefield of used condoms, especially when I know you're not cleaning your room yourself. In the words of Logan Roy: "Are you a sicko?"

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