Stanford Blatch Was F*cked Over

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Stanford Blatch Was F*cked Over

Sex and the City has always been a show about breaking up. How could it not be? The essential premise of the series – four women navigate sex and dating in New York City – means that we're treated to a cavalcade of casual boyfriends to serious love interests until the characters either find their person, or find themselves.

And Just Like That, it seems, is about a different kind of breakup.

In the first four episodes, we dive into something that the original series only scratched the surface of: the friendship breakup. Samantha Jones’ decision to move to London haunts the first two episodes, then we see Carrie Bradshaw and Charlotte York at odds, and in this week’s episode, we find out that Stanford Blatch has left New York, Carrie, and his marriage to travel to Japan with a 17-year-old TikTok star from Long Island.

The news about Stanford’s exit comes fairly late in this episode (titled Some of My Best Friends) which is an odd choice, since it could have provided a fair amount of emotional weight to an episode in desperate need of it. Instead, we barely get to see Carrie process the news that one of her dearest friends has not only moved across the world, but has chosen to end his marriage, and left her to discover all of this information in a handwritten note on her bedside table. We know Ms. Bradshaw does not enjoy getting handwritten news, but, we soon assume, that was the old Carrie.

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