And Just Like That... Did 'SATC' Skip Forward A Whole Calendar Year?

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And Just Like That... Did 'SATC' Skip Forward A Whole Calendar Year?

After Big's death, Carrie in And Just Like That needed to move on and go back to the things Carrie of Sex and the City used to do — date, write, rinse and repeat. So And Just Like That did a time jump for Carrie to write a memoir on losing Big. But though the lyrical stylings of Carly Simon make it abundantly clear that "Spring Is Here," I've done a thorough investigation that definitively shows that Sex and the City has no idea what time of year it is.

While Simon's version of "Spring Is Here" plays, Carrie does her best Bella Swan impression in New Moon. She sits in her window, writing her book, just like the good old days as the seasons change around her. It's allegedly supposed to be spring now... which is the season that And Just Like That started in. That means And Just Like That has gone a full year in just seven episodes and is giving viewers a glimpse into the future of what life is like in New York City in the spring of 2022. It's a world where middle-aged people vomit into the streets after first dates and where grown men have forgotten how to finger their wives. If this is what the future holds, I don't want it.

But the timeline doesn't really add up. (If it's spring, why are there Christmas lights on trees? Are Charlotte's kids never not in school?) So putting more thought into the Sex and the City calendar than any of the writers did, I tried to figure out exactly when in time Carrie and the gang are at the end of Episode 7.

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