Selling Sunset
Selling Sunset
~ selling-sunset ~almost 2 years ago
Selling Sunsets and body image

I saw this super-interesting video on TikTok about how Selling Sunset's cast plays into dangerous narratives with the way food is presented on the show. Essentially, the women will ensure there's a plate of fries or something in some shots, making it look like they indulge, despite the way they look and the obvious care they put into their appearance:

It reminds me of the way a lot of celebrities used to (and, for some, still do) talk about how they eat unhealthy food all the time, or when Paris Hilton housed a Carl's Jr.'s burger, just setting up unrealistic expectations of what goes into looking like a Hollywood star. It avoids necessary conversation about the restrictions they set for themselves, and also affects how we view our bodies and what we eat.

I really wish there was more honesty about this throughout Hollywood, which is why I sort of don’t hate that Kelly Ripa released her absolutely insane and daily intake. It shouldn't have been glamorized or treated like a health bible (and, for her sake, I hope she finds a much healthier diet) but it shows what is really happening.

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