vibe ~141~

ouch! This is how rumors get started.

the trailer is stressful to watch.


thanks for sharing - that's a goood link! I hope this is allowed - one of my favorite internet friends runs a page that does BRAVO outfit breakdowns - she doesn't do SS, but whenever there's normal clothes, I get excited. Really - how many people can wear OR afford most of these clothes?!

Check it out -

who hosted it?

Who is hosting the reunion?

And does anyone else think Amanza should be a life coach/motivational speaker?!

Just finished last night. Still coming down from the abruptness of the ending.

1. I'm lazy, so I'd have to go to the fridge again

2. If you cut down, then when you do have 1, a mini is enough.

I am lazy and always running late - so I like them in the morning. Eight O'Clock coffee - plain and hazelnut - are my stand-bys. Good flavor, not acidic. If yours is watery, that might be the pot.

oh that's a gem!!!

LOVE that they're using a Journey song!!! Let's get Steve Perry back!