Advice Wanted
Advice Wanted
Feeling distressed and exhausted

Lately, it's felt so easy to joke about the "before times." It felt like we were finally coming out of a dark age that had occupied our lives and minds for the past half decade. But it seems now that with every new feeling of relief comes a reminder that maybe we aren't really yet in the after times (if the after times ever happen). And it's really starting to affect my outlook on life and general disposition.

As women, we're expected to do and be everything: look prettier, work smarter, fight harder. But the emotional, mental, and physical energy put into the last few years has burned me out, as I'm sure it has burned out so many others like me. Every moment of optimism is replaced way too quickly by a reason to be even more distressed about the future. It's like we take two steps forward, and then 50 years backwards.

I know the best way to feel better is to take action, which I will. I just wish we had more support from those who have means, access, and resources, and the actual ability to make change. The burden on the shoulders of the everywoman to push forward progress is just so overwhelming, not to mention unrealistic.

I'm not sure why I put this in "advice wanted," since there's no advice really to be had here — I just wanted to commiserate with others who might be just as exhausted as I am. Can I just enjoy the Met Gala just once without a reminder that The Handmaid's Tale is right around the corner?? Sigh.

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Update: Neighbors complained AGAIN but there's a plot twist

Hello! If you haven't read my original Advice Wanted, please see here:

So, this was about two weeks ago, and I haven't heard anything from the neighbors since. That was, until, last night.

Last night I got a call from the front desk of my building telling me the upstairs neighbors (same as those in the dog post) have complained about my music being too loud. PLOT TWIST, FAM... I WASN'T PLAYING MUSIC. In fact, I was quietly reading a book because I'm trying to read at least one book this year (don't come for me).

So now I wonder if these neighbors have something against me and are ready to blame me for anything. It sure seems like it. I told the doorman that I wasn't playing music and he was confused and just said OK have a good night. I don't know if he relayed that message to my upstairs neighbors, but I hope so.

So does this change anything? Clearly the neighbors think they know how to locate sound and assume it's just coming from my apartment. (I'm even starting to wonder if my dog really was even "wailing" when they first complained.) We have an upcoming building mixer and I'm a little anxious — what if I meet them! Do I say something?! Do I correct them? Tell them to back off? Apologize for the dog but politely say I wasn't playing music?

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