Anxious seeing friends for the first time in a while

Like many, I’ve found the pandemic to be isolating and lonely. I longed for the day to be out and about, social, and seeing everyone I used to see at a regular cadence.

Well now that things are “returning to normal” people are trying to put things on the calendar to catch up. And I find myself… very anxious about it.

It’s not bc of the pandemic or COVID itself. It’s because I feel so rusty on what to talk to people about. Especially in big groups of tertiary friends — like birthday parties, gatherings — I don’t know what to talk to people about that isn’t like… the weather.

I usually ask if people have trips coming up, that seems safe, but has anyone else felt this anxiety of returning back to full social situations and truly having no idea how to act?

Any convo starters you recommend??