I'm getting judged for my cheese intake

I'll admit: I eat a lot of cheese. In my early 20s, I suddenly decided that cheese was the best thing that's ever happened to me, and, ever since, have prided myself on my knowledge about cheeses and the cheese plates that I've put together for friends and families. It's part of my identity, and I'm proud of it.

Once the pandemic started, I only became more invested in cheese, ordering several pounds at a time for delivery and sampling. It's gotten to the point where I actually prepare a cheese plate for myself probably 3-4 nights per week.

I was totally happy with this, until a friend recently judged me for my cheese intake. And now, I'm getting insecure — is it weird to have a cheese plate 3-4 times per week? Should I be looking within and changing my behavior? Or should I just enjoy my cheese intake in peace?