Did You Catch This 'Office' Connection In 'The White Lotus'?

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Did You Catch This 'Office' Connection In 'The White Lotus'?

Forgive me, TV Gods, for I have sinned. I've been so distracted by just how awful Shane Patton is that I didn't even notice the most tragically wonderful connection between The White Lotus and The Office. It's not just that Shane is played by Jake Lacy, who also appeared on The Office as new employee Pete, it's that he's basically Andy Bernard (well, at least, he is in this one, very specific instance).

You may have noticed that Shane is a pretentious asshole. He's the kind of guy who flirts with college students five feet away from his new wife; the kind of vindictive man-child who starts a feud with the hotel manager on his honeymoon. And, most importantly, he's the kind of man who wears a Cornell University hat to the hotel breakfast buffet because he needs everyone there to know he went to an Ivy. That last one remind you of anybody?

Something very serious has happened to Pete Miller, aka New Jim, aka Plop. He's turned into Andy Bernard.

[rich Embed]

I must admit, I didn't notice this before I saw David Kimball-Stanley tweet about it, but now I cannot stop thinking about it. This entire time I was looking at Shane, thinking that what he said was horrible, when what he's wearing is equally as horrible! He might as well be saying "Cornell, Cornell, Cornell" instead of "pineapple suite, pineapple suite, pineapple suite."

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At his core, Shane is what happens when you mix Jim Halpert with Andy Bernard and add in a ton of family wealth. He's got some of Jim's sweet charm (I have to believe there's a reason Rachel married him), Andy's Cornell pride, and the entitled bratty attitude of someone who has never questioned his own economic or social privilege. Honestly, a pity he's not in that casket.


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