Does Armond Die On 'The White Lotus'?

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Does Armond Die On 'The White Lotus'?

You would think after a honeymoon in Hawaii you'd be glowing, right? Sun-kissed and riding that hibiscus high well into the first year of your marriage. Well, that's not the case on The White Lotus. In the very first shot of the series we meet a very somber, very agitated Shane Patton. Why so gloom on your honeymoon, Shane? My guess is his newly-minted wife has left him after one-too-many attempts of trying to get into the Pineapple Suite. Or, it could be that someone died at The White Lotus and the body is on the plane.

Now is that body on the plane Rachel, Shane's wife? While Shane staring out the airport terminal window at the body being loaded onto the aircraft could make you think that, it feels too easy. Right? The nosy airport passengers badgering Shane are asking where his wife is, he tells them to fuck off, and then we find out there's a body on the plane. The clues pointing to Rachel are almost too obvious. So who could it be?

After watching the most recent episode, I have a new theory on who dies: Armond, the hotel manager. Here are the reasons why...

Shane & Armond's Relationship

Throughout the first three episodes, Shane seems to interact with Armond almost as much as he does with Rachel. And although it is a bit contentious, it would make sense that after getting to know someone, in whatever capacity that is, that you would be upset that they died, right? Or, could it be guilt that he is feeling? At the end of Episode 3 Shane is livid that Armond sent them on that dinner-cruise-themed funeral and even says, "I'm not going to let it go... what I want to do is go find that fucker."

Maybe I have watched way too many Lifetime movies (... and by maybe, I mean I definitely have), but could this tête-à-tête get so heated one night that it ends with Armond's death? I know I am jumping to crazy conclusions, but if we take the opening scene for its word, someone was killed, not just that someone died.

Armond's Breakdown

Armond is definitely the head-honcho here at The White Lotus. He makes sure that things are running smoothly, that everything is under control, and that the guests are having a good time, at all times. However, after he finds out that Lani was having a baby and he completely missed that she was even pregnant, it all seems to go downhill. (Aka, Episode 1.) That, plus the bag of drugs from the teen girls plus seeing him sleeping in his car. Safe to say, Armond is unraveling.

Armond's Drinking

This point goes hand in hand with Armond's breakdown, but despite being 5 years sober, Armond decides to have a drink at the end of his shift in Episode 3. This one drink quickly escalates and he ends up hitting on not only a guest, but an employee as well.

Does Shane kill Armond? Could the pressure become so much for him that things end in tragedy? Does another Lifetime-sized plot twist take place? Suffice to say, things aren't so beautiful in paradise.

Image: HBO

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