vibe ~353~

I am from California and love TV! I watch everything from Survivor to Good Trouble

I feel like 8 days is a billion years in reality television time. There will be drama I have no doubts

I hate how they took this cahracter. It is so upsetting. I hope there is some sort of redemtion

Coraline is terrifying. I am an adult and I think the movie is the creepiest thing ever. Literally terrifying.

I love TomHanks but I agree Joe is bad news. Again, I love Tom Hanks and nothing can change that.

Melissa Joan Hart will always be my favorite. What a queen.

Lol this is actually so interesting. I definitely need a refresh on all things Vanderpump

This cannot be the last season. The show is so good. I love the characters and the story developments

He will always be grocery store Joe in my heart. Even though he has moved on, he will always truly be grocery store Joe

These are awesome I love the glasses and I will be purchasing them immediately

I can’t believe this movie came out before I was born. This was a staple in my childhood I have seen it dozens of times