Why Did Rachel Marry Shane On 'The White Lotus' In The First Place?

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Why Did Rachel Marry Shane On 'The White Lotus' In The First Place?

Rachel, honey, blink twice if you're being held against your will because I am concerned. Forget "who dies," the only question I need answered by the end of this show is why in the world did Rachel marry Shane on The White Lotus? Every episode, Shane gets more entitled, more insufferable, more disagreeable, more angry, and less attractive. So why, oh why did Rachel, a young successful working woman, marry this fuck boy trash?

Shane has been flirting with going full douchebag for a while now, but in Episode 4, he officially crossed the line. After his overbearing mother surprised Shane and Rachel on their honeymoon — something Shane has zero problem with — he insulted his new wife's family when he bluntly told her that her mother would never surprise them in Hawaii because she "can't afford the plane ticket." NOT THE POINT, SHANE!! Then, in the middle of their argument, he left the room just so he could could continue his meaningless fight with Armond, the hotel manager. And, this is after he spent the entire episode belittling Rachel's career — calling journalism "a sucker's game" and then questioning why she would want to work at all.

I mean, look at this man, the disrespect just oozes from his pores:

Image; HBO Max

In defense of Shane, he hasn't always been this insufferable. Yes, his first act on their honeymoon was to confront the hotel manager about the size of their suite, but in his defense, his mom did pay for the larger room, and it's pretty shady that Armand was...just going to charge her the same for this room anyways? Bottom line is that Shane's behavior was not great, but not unforgivable. Plus, he's played by Jack Lacy, which immediately made me want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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