What Boy Band Does Kenny Manage? The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Contestant Is A Cover King

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What Boy Band Does Kenny Manage? The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Contestant Is A Cover King

Kenny Braasch, 40-year-old fake nude man, is a boy band manager. Every Bachelor in Paradise viewer knows that. But can anyone name his band? When guest host Lance Bass arrived, Kenny on Bachelor in Paradise claimed his band exists because of Bass and *NSYNC. So what band does Kenny manage? O-Town? One Direction? BTS?! Well, turns out, Kenny Braasch is the manager and co-creator of The Boy Band Night — a boy band tribute band based out of Chicago.

No one should be surprised that Kenny isn't managing a major band. If he was, he probably would have never shown up for Clare Crawley's season of The Bachelorette... and thus, never have been on Paradise. And if Kenny wasn't on Paradise, viewers wouldn't be getting an impending Demi and Mari fight (complete with a cake being thrown into a fire??), so I'm not complaining. And to be fair, in his *NSYNC-lyric-filled Bachelorette bio, Kenny made it extremely clear that he "creates and manages boy band cover bands." So he isn't trying to fool anyone, unlike with that black box.

According to The Boy Band Night's site, Kenny founded the band with Glenn Hudy in a Starbucks in Oak Lawn, Ill., in 2014. Hudy is the band's bassist while the other members were "hand selected" by Kenny and him. Though Kenny has jokingly posted him playing instruments like the keyboard and the drums on his Instagram, he sticks to managing the group.

The band performs songs by New Kids On The Block, Boys II Men, Backstreet Boys, and One Direction. But they aren't limited to just the boys since their Instagram shows them performing Tiffany and Britney Spears. Although they mostly stick to performing in Ill., they have some upcoming shows in other states and you can book them for events. Sometimes a Bachelor alum may even perform a DJ set during the show. And yes, of course, The Boy Band Night performs *NSYNC.

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Through Kenny's company The Right Stuff Entertainment (yet another boy band reference), he also manages five other cover bands — The Hair Band Night ("'80s hair band bangerz"), The Ron Burgandys ("yacht rock and softcore rock hits"), The Country Night ("new country and classic country hits"), Motown Nation ("Motown and '60s smash hits), and American Pie ("Americana then and now").

Kenny refers to himself as "the boy band manager" and as he told The Chicago Tribune after Tayshia sent him home on The Bachelorette, "A lot of people think that that was a fake occupation on the show, and surprisingly, it's actually real." So while The Boy Band Night may not be Larger Than Life, they're still the real deal.


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