'Bachelor In Paradise' Is Already Full Of Contradictions

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'Bachelor In Paradise' Is Already Full Of Contradictions

To enjoy the Bachelor franchise is to perfect the ability to suspend one's disbelief. You have to be willing to let go of the fact that not everything is "real," producers absolutely create storylines, and good editing can turn anyone into a villain or a hero. I know this. And yet, the new season of Bachelor in Paradise is already so full of contradictions, it's making me doubt everything. Does James even really like Demi? Is Natasha a pant? Are the crabs even real?

Pieper & Brendan & Natasha

Image: Bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

A big storyline on Monday's episode was Brendan's short-lived love triangle with Natasha and Demi, but the real drama came from his relationship with someone who isn't even in Paradise — yet. While Brendan was on a date with Demi, rumors spread of his pre-Paradise relationship with Pieper from Matt's Bachelor. Natasha was pissed, but, as many fans pointed out, it's quite possible that Natasha knew about the relationship all along.

Reports of Pieper and Brendan emerged in late April, long before filming on Bachelor in Paradise started in June. Even more damning, Natasha and Pieper actually know each other. Not only did Pieper appear on an episode of Natasha's Bachelor Nation podcast, Click Bait, in March, but the two of them were reportedly spotted getting their nails done together in April.

Natasha might not have known the extent of Pieper and Brendan's romantic relationship. (I guess hosting a Bach pod literally named Click Bait doesn't necessarily mean you actually... read the click bait?) But she definitely had more awareness of Pieper than she made it seem on the show.

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