Is Kenny Naked On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Don't Be Fooled By The Black Box

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Is Kenny Naked On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Don't Be Fooled By The Black Box

OK, whose job was it to tell Boy Band Manager Kenny Braasch that Bachelor In Paradise doesn't film on a nude beach? We need to talk, because I don't think he got the memo. After failing to find love on Clare/Tayshia's season of The Bachelorette, Kenny is back and more naked than ever, getting the black box treatment on BiP. But, just how naked is Kenny on Bachelor in Paradise?

You'll forgive me if, after the very unnecessary censoring of Blake's painting on The Bachelorette, I don't trust Bachelor producers to judge what is and isn't black box worthy. So when I saw a seemingly naked Kenny roll up in Paradise with a black box covering his groin, I immediately questioned whether or not he had actually shown up naked. That said, ever since the promo dropped for BiP, Kenny has been promoting his naked arrival, assuring fans at home that he really did walk up sans clothes. "I was just trying to make an impression on everybody and it happens," Kenny told Entertainment Tonight about his grand entrance.

Was Kenny Really Naked On BiP?

Image: Bachelor Nation on ABC/YouTube

I'm not sure if Kenny actually did show up naked to Bachelor in Paradise — this is a work place, after all — but I do know they definitely made him put on clothes eventually. I mean, the proof is in the screenshots. Just look at Kenny's official BiP cast photo, where he's wearing shorts AND a shirt (granted the shirt is unbuttoned, but still). Or in the trailer when he's clearly wearing a speedo (see below).

Image: Bachelor Nation on ABC/YouTube

That said, it would be pretty on brand of Kenny to show up naked. The only things we really know about him is that he manages a boy band cover group and loves being naked. He stripped down during two group dates on The Bachelorette (including the infamous strip dodgeball game). "It all started back on Clare's season. So, we had a couple dates when I was naked and then we just sort of went with that," he told Extra. "That's the only reason I was invited, I think."

What Nudity Taught Us About Kenny

It turns out, a man's willingness to be naked can actually reveal a whole lot about him. Thanks to his willingness to strip down on The Bachelorette, Kenny's been somewhat of a point of fascination among Bach Nation, and it's actually led to a few interesting data points.

  • He's a male model. Kenny so comfortable being naked because he's been modeling for years. (Seriously, one quick google search of his full name — Kenny Braasch — will lead you to many nude or semi-nude photo shoots.) "I've been in the modeling industry for over 10 years now. That stuff [nudity] doesn't even bother me, to be honest," he told The Chicago Tribune last year after his Bachelorette elimination.
  • He works out with his parents. According to an interview with Chicago Mag, he "works out every morning with his parents, Ken and Judy."
  • His preferred workout snack is a potato. That same Chicago Mag profile revealed that he enjoys bringing a whole (I assume baked) potato to the gym.
  • He's also a DJ. This isn't really related to his aversion to clothes, but according to an upcoming Facebook Event, "DJ Kenny Braasch" is doing the club circuit in Illinois. 115 Bourbon Street's "Sunday Funday with DJ Kenny Braasch" promises four hours of musical stylings from Kenny, including "his favorite guilty pleasure tunes from over the past 50 years."
  • He prepped for BiP by working out "8 to 9 days per week." There's not much more to this quote from his official BiP cast profile, but I would just like to stress that Kenny wrote that he worked out "8 to 9 DAYS per week" pre-Paradise. (He also wrote that he prepped by "staying on a strict diet and avoided getting married).

OK, I get why Kenny is naked all the time now.


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