Katie's 'Bachelorette' Season Is Straight Out Of A Movie — Rom-Com Or Horror Is Still TBD

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Katie's 'Bachelorette' Season Is Straight Out Of A Movie — Rom-Com Or Horror Is Still TBD

With its over-produced dates and scripted moments, The Bachelorette can feel a bit like it was pulled straight out of a Hallmark Channel original movie. But the movie moments in Katie's season of The Bachelorette have reached parody heights. Sure, Katie is the star of the season... but did she also know that she'd have the starring role in some very well-known movies?

From famous romances to some far less romantic far, grab the popcorn because here are the best cinematic moments from Katie's Bachelorette season so far.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

Jeff taking Katie into his RV felt a bit like a horror movie. Sure, Renée Zellweger was running to the RV for safety in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, but with fancy dress and cocktails, it's not far off.


With his bowtie, his dancing limo exit, his strange cat hands, and cat make-out sessions, Connor B. had to be channeling Mr. Mistoffelees from the critically-acclaimed Cats, right?? If Paradise doesn't go well for him, I imagine Connor is off somewhere singing "Memory."


Connor must be a movie buff because he gave Katie a double feature on night one when they played with a big floor piano like Tom Hanks in Big. Big may dabble in some age-inappropriate rom-com aspects, but just a friendly reminder this wasn't a romantic scene since Josh was duetting with his boss. Should've known Connor's relationship with Katie would end up platonic.


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Katie and Greg's first one-on-one date with its plaid and red pickup truck was simply a straight-up recreation of Bella and Edward's love story in Twilight.

Say Anything...

Blake was much more joyous about comforting Katie after her breakup with Connor B. than John Cusack's Lloyd was when he did the infamous boombox scene. Laine Hardy's "Memorize You" is no Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes," but if it makes you feel better, Cusack reportedly played a song by Fishbone on the boombox.

The Notebook

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Could Greg and Katie's kiss in the fake Seattle rain have been any more Noah and Allie's "still isn't over" kiss in The Notebook? It doesn't hurt that Greg already has been compared to Ryan Gosling.


The all-white clothes, the outdoor cuddling, and a brutal breakup — Katie and Mike P.'s one-on-one date gave some serious Florence Pugh in Midsommar vibes. They may not have had flower crowns, but there were sunflowers!

Love Actually

After she sent him home, Andrew gave Katie a note saying, "If you change your mind... I'll be waiting." She then ran after him (in a white shirt and jeans) and gave him a jump hug... just like Keira Knightley ran after her husband's best friend (in a white shirt and jeans) and gave him a kiss after he professed his love on some cards. For both Andrew S. and Andrew Lincoln, that will have to be enough... enough now.


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