Did Connor Just Declare His Love For Katie In A 'Bachelorette' Breakup Song?

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Did Connor Just Declare His Love For Katie In A 'Bachelorette' Breakup Song?

Cats have nine lives, but Connor B. only had one chance to get Katie's one-on-one rose, and it did not end well for him. And if you thought that Connor's tearful goodbyes on The Bachelorette with Katie and all the boys in the house would be the last you heard form him until the Men Tell All, I just have to ask, do you even know Connor at all? The Cat Man wouldn't do us like that. Of course, Connor wrote a song about his breakup with Katie, and, of course, he released it on Instagram the morning after the breakup aired.

Connor shared the track, titled "Sundress," on Tuesday, July 13, along with a lengthy caption reflecting on his Bachelorette journey. "After the breakup I went home for awhile and spent some time with family, just processing and writing. This is the song that helped me make sense of everything," he explained before dedicating it to Katie. "@thekatiethurston you are an incredible, beautiful human and I'm lucky to know you. Rooting for you and your love story every step of the way." (As Katie would say, that's a man right there.)

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I listened to the entire track, and I want to say that it's definitely a journey. "In the end it won't be me," he starts, before getting into the things that gave him "butterflies." But it's the chorus that will really shred your Cat Connor-loving heart to pieces. "Tears falling down your face, I couldn't look away," he sings of the breakup we all watched like 12 hours ago and have yet to recover from. "You belong in someone else's arms, in someone else's story, I know that now," he sings. "You were never really mine, but it's OK, it's OK, I promise."

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