All The Things Greg Grippo Looks Like, From Ryan Gosling Lite To Jim Halpert

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All The Things Greg Grippo Looks Like, From Ryan Gosling Lite To Jim Halpert

Every white woman who watches The Bachelorette has encountered a Greg Grippo in their life. Whether you've dated a Greg lookalike in college (you're just like Katie!), or he served you at your local Applebee's, this floppy-haired New Jerseyan is a familiar prototype. But beyond his 20s-something white guy resemblance to someone you once thought was cute as he played frisbee in the park with his dog, Greg from The Bachelorette looks like a lot of other people and things from pop culture too.

We at The Dipp have played this game already with Blake Moynes. And since Greg is going to face some competition with latecomer Blake, it seemed only fair to analyze all the things Greg looks like too. Along with both trying to win Katie's heart, turns out, these men have an uncanny resemblance to an animated character in common too. (Hint: He's as layered as an onion.) Without further ado, here's everyone (everything?) that Greg Grippp looks like.

Ryan Gosling

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Someone on Reddit said they call him "Ryan Gosling light" while other people compared him to Noah from The Notebook (fwiw, he sometimes looks like he just watched The Notebook). Another person called him a "New Jersey version of Ryan Gosling." But whichever Gosling that Greg embodies, could he put Katie in Dirty Dancing lift? Discuss.

Luke P.

Too many people (as in, more than one) suggested that Greg looks like Luke Pell of Hannah Brown's season, so I felt compelled to include it. Do I understand it? No. But if Greg ends up breaking Katie's heart, the similarities may become more apparent.

Scott Stapp from Creed

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With arms wide open indeed. (But no jump hugs!)

Wybie from Coraline

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The real question is... who has the better hair?

Roddy St. James From Flushed Away

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Greg gives off upper-class rat vibes.

Gromit of Wallace & Gromit

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Katie did say he looked like a sad puppy dog.

Mr. Lizer from Big Mouth

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Five o'clock shadow? Check. Floppy hair? Check. Creepy misogynist? No check (fingers crossed).

Human Shrek

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This one has been thrown around about Blake too. Guess Katie has a type.

Aaron Rodgers

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Greg's sport might have been basketball in college, but one person tweeted that he looks like Green Bay Packers quarterback, Jeopardy guest host, and Shailene Woodley's boyfriend Aaron Rodgers. Considering Rodgers's brother Jordan won JoJo Fletcher's season, this could be a good sign.

Jim from The Office

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While maybe not an exact John Krasinski doppelgänger, Greg solidified his Jim Halpert status when he looked directly into the camera during an episode.

Ben Platt Mashups

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Whether he's mixed with Krasinski's Jim or Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Platt is the common denominator.

Dean from Gilmore Girls & Zack from Saved by the Bell

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If only Greg was a little older, he could've used his acting skills to be a TV heartthrob of the early '90s and aughts.

Pilot Pete's Brother Jack

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One fan thought Greg looked like Bachelor Peter Weber... but then another unlocked the true lookalike... Peter's brother Jack.

Wyatt from Weird Science

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Greg doesn't need to be blinded by a science-created woman when he's got Katie.

A Disney Prince

Greg has been called out for looking like a Disney prince (it's the floppy hair). While some people think Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, I'm going with Flynn Rider from Tangled.

Prince George

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But what's better than Disney royalty? Real-life royalty. Prince George might be tiny, but this calls for A Prince Switch where Greg becomes third in line for the British throne. Somebody call Netflix!


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