Are Joe & Serena P. Still Together After 'Bachelor In Paradise'?

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Are Joe & Serena P. Still Together After 'Bachelor In Paradise'?

Compared to the chaos of Brendan, Natasha, and Pieper and Chris, Jessenia, and Alana, the Bachelor in Paradise love triangle of Grocery Store Joe, Serena P., and Kendall has been incredibly low-key. Even with his ex arriving on the beach, Joe and Serena may still be together after Paradise. Serena P., a proud Canadian, might be more down to live in Chicago than California girl Kendall was. And based on what Kendall said on the Talking It Out podcast with Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo, it seems quite safe to say that Kendall and Joe aren't back together. But does this all mean things worked out for him and Serena?

Like a good Bachelor Nation couple, there's nothing that Joe and Serena have posted on social media to indicate they are currently together (after all, Paradise is still airing). Sure, Joe posted a gif of Serena cuddling him on BiP, but he doesn't follow her on Instagram or Twitter. (A fan mentioned on Reddit that it appears Joe stopped following Kendall on Instagram... for whatever that's worth.) As for Serena, there's been nothing on her TikTok page and she doesn't follow Joe on Instagram or Twitter either.

Instead, the best clues come not from Serena and Joe themselves, but the other Bachelor Nation people. Here are the clues that Joe and Serena could still be dating post-Paradise from these other Bachelor sources.


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On Aug. 30, Serena posted a photo of her poolside "feeling beachy." This was ahead of the fourth episode of BiP, so Serena and Joe were already an established couple. Serena had gone on a date with Thomas (and rejected him) back in the third episode and the fourth episode was when Serena and Joe went on their wrestling date.

So it shouldn't have been a big deal that Abigail commented on this post, "I'm stealing you away from @joeamabile1." But, as Cosmopolitan pointed out when the fan account Bachelornation.Scoop posted this comment, it led to speculation that Abigail was confirming that Serena and Joe were still a thing.

Serena Pitt/Instagram

Serena replied with a joke that she and Abigail would be going on a one-on-one date the next week on BiP. But was Abigail spoiling Serena's ending to the season?


On the Bachelor Nation podcast that Joe hosts with Tayshia Adams and Natasha Parker, Click Bait, Natasha kind of blew up Joe and Serena's spot. When talking about Matt James being on Dancing with the Stars during the Sept. 9 episode of Click Bait, Natasha misremembered Matt doing a TikTok dance for Serena P. while on The Bachelor. (It's OK, Natasha. He's done so many TikTok dances, it's easy to get them confused.) Joe — the resident ballroom dancing expert — jokingly called out Natasha for reminding him of how Serena used to date Matt, to which she replied, "You ain't got nothing to worry about, boo, don't worry." You can watch the moment below.

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While Tayshia laughed, Joe played it cool by not really acknowledging what Natasha said. But Natasha seems to be in the know that Joe and Serena are still together if she's making such a comment, no?

That exchange went down less than a week ago, so that's the most recent non-update update I could find. But if you want more definitive proof that Joe and Serena are together after Paradise, there's some hard evidence to follow, but... Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Reality Steve

I won't give away the ending to BiP that Reality Steve has shared because what's the fun in that? But on July 3, Reality Steve posted a photo of Joe and Serena hanging out in (where else?) Chicago at a rooftop pool. So presumably, after BiP filming wrapped, Serena and Joe were spending the Fourth of July weekend together.

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Since that was over two months ago, a lot could change. But the photographic evidence plus Natasha's recent comment makes it seem that Joe and Serena are still together. And Serena hanging in Chicago with proud Chicagoan GSJ may already be proof that this couple is meant to be.


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