Were Joe & Kendall Engaged After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Forget Everything You Heard

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Were Joe & Kendall Engaged After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Forget Everything You Heard

It takes a lot for Grocery Store Joe to address something on Twitter. In general, he prefers to give his #HotTakes on his Bachelor Nation podcast. But, on Monday night, Joe decided to break out his Twitter to set the record straight: he was never engaged. Despite what their Bachelor in Paradise co-stars think, Joe and Kendall were never engaged.

When Kendall showed up on the beach in Monday night's episode, the whole beach was abuzz with rumors about her 2-year relationship with Joe. They got together on Bachelor in Paradise in 2018, and they were together for almost two years before calling it quits early 2020, reportedly because they couldn't decide on where to settle down. (As Joe made very clear on BiP, he wanted her to try living in Chicago, but she wanted to stay in L.A.)

Of course, no one else on the beach knew that when Kendall arrived and pulled him away to talk before introducing herself to the rest of the group. All they knew was that Kendall was Joe's ex, and that it was serious. As the cameras followed Joe and Kendall walking over for privacy, someone (I think Chris?) even claimed that Joe and Kendall were "engaged and living together." But Joe shut that down on Twitter, writing simply, "I wasn't engaged." Well, that should be a relief to Serena P.

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Kendall hasn't commented on their (untrue) rumored engagement. (Though, based on what was said in the episode, it seems like this lack of a ring could have been a reason why Kendall wasn't willing to just pick up and move across the country for Joe — I'm just saying.) And, that's probably for the best. Based on their conversation, it's clear that there are still unresolved issues between Joe and Kendall — ones that are probably best discussed off camera (I'm looking at you, Brendan and Pieper).


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