Matt James' (Many) Dance Videos, Critiqued By An Actual Dance Teacher

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Matt James' (Many) Dance Videos, Critiqued By An Actual Dance Teacher

We always knew there was going to be a member of Bachelor Nation on the cast of Dancing with the Stars. There almost always is (after all, ABC is the parent company of both series). Melissa Rycroft, Trista Sutter, Jake Pavelka, Sean Lowe, Chris Soules, Nick Viall, Grocery Store Joe, and Hannah Brown have all made their way from the rose patch to the dance floor at some point over the last 10+ years. And now, Matt James is joining DWTS, which may sound fun until you remember this happened on The Bachelor.

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It's all fun and games until you watch someone re-enact a TikTok dance without the music.

Long before Matt was silently dancing for Magi on The Bachelor, though, he was dancing it up with the "Quarantine Crew." You remember them from mid 2020, right? The group of hot Bachelor and non-Bachelor folk who all quarantined together in a kinda gross looking house and took over TikTok, which eventually led Matt to become the Bachelor?

Well, it turns out, while revisiting some of Matt's "performances" from early on in the pandemic, he's really not that bad of a dancer! I can say that because I — not to toot my own horn — am an experienced professional.

Pause! Fun fact about me: I am a dance teacher. For over seven years, I have been teaching kids from New York (and all over the US and internationally through Zoom) how to dance.

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